Eye Issues and Sight Neurolink

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In 2005 I went to New Zealand to do the Masters Level of Neurological Integrative System (NIS) for the third time. I had seen Dr. Phillips the founder of NIS, earlier that year.  About four months before the course was to take place my eyes started to experience fatigue.  They felt tired when my body was alert.  I was constantly rubbing them too.  Dr. Phillips chose me for the eye protocol.  Before I went to be treated I noticed my right eye was experiencing blurry vision when I was looking at the notes. The left eye was fine.  My eyes were tested for myopia, hypermytropia and pressure within the eye.  My eyes showed positive for pressure building.  My brain was retrained and brought back on board to take responsibility.  Twenty-four hours later my right eye was clear and my eyes were no longer tired.  I am one of eight children (I am number 6) within my family and I am the only one not wearing glasses. 

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The eye protocols in the Nis system are simply amazing and highly effective.  When Dr Phillips was looking into these protocols he would have an ophthalmologist confirm his diagnosis.  Once it was confirmed he would get the brain on board to clear the problem and then send them back to the ophthalmologist.  The Dr was simply amazed that the problem was not showing up.  For example:  Eye pressure goes down 50% within half hour of the treatment.

We address most eye concerns for example, hypermetropia , myopia, pressure building, excessive blinking, astigmatism, dry eyes, floaters, allergies etc.

Book an appointment for one of the above issues or just to keep the eyes in optimal health.