Alternative Health and NIS Treatment (Alternative Medicine)

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Most people think that you need to have a problem to have an NIS treatment.  Often I work with someone for an initial problem and that gets resolved.  I generally will see them a few times a year.  These treatments allow the brain to stay on board immunologically, chemically, emotionally and neurologically.  I trade treatment routinely with my colleagues so my brain and body can stay strong, healthy and fit.  I handle stress more easily.  My energy is strong and consistent throughout the day.  I am able to accomplish a lot in a day.  I attribute this to healthy eating and my brain staying on board with my daily activity.  I work with professional athletes or youngsters working towards their physical goals.  I have runners who are able to shave off one to four minutes on their times.  A few examples:  a female runner who has reached the best in her age group, a young downhill skier came for treatment whom could not hop on both legs at the same time but after brain integration hopped with both feet.

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