Those Dreaded Cold Sores and Warts

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It seems about 15% of our population either young or old has some skin condition that never seems to go away or keeps coming back.  On the average each one of us is carrying a minimum of 1-2 viruses in our system at any time.  Number one complaint with a virus is lack of energy. Examples include cold sores or plantar warts or herpes.

Viruses are a strong antigen and can reside in the tissues, brain, nerves and organs for days or years.  They have the ability to attach to our cells and add their DNA to our tissues, making it difficult for the brain to eliminate it. If it doesn’t recognize the template of our DNA it has trouble clearing the problem. 

The success of the NIS treatments stands on its’ own.  Routinely someone will tell another about their success with cold sores which don’t return or warts that have been a problem and disappear quickly after the first session.


  1. 8 year old boy with 105 warts on his legs and genitalia.  With two sessions they were gone.
  2. 30 year old woman with mouth cold sores and genital herpes outbreaks.  With 3 sessions she only had one outbreak last year when stress level was high.  I see her for treatments 3-4 times/year to keep her system strong and virus free.

Warts and cold sores exist because the immune system is failing to recognize the virus within.  NIS helps the brain to locate the virus and clear it. This system is fast, effective and noninvasive.  Give the office a call if you have any of the above concerns.