My Aching Back! Acupuncture Alternative Medicine

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It seems at some time in our life we will all experience some level of back pain.  It could be in the upper, mid or lower spine.  Why does this happen and why does it reoccur?  Why do people have to keep going back for repeated treatments? 

How do you treat the root cause?  In the NIS system we obviously work on the joints and spinal column when that becomes relevant.  Most of the time I have found the root cause does not take place in the joints but may be a result of large intestine, liver, small intestine, kidney or pituitary and hypothalamus.  Once these are addressed the brain has cleared the imbalance the joint can return to its’ original state.  An example:  recently I had a 39 year old woman referred for infertility.  As I was working with her I discovered she had severe neck pain, headaches and low back pain that were not noted in the case history.  The next time I saw her, her cycle was now 28 days and it was never that short and she told me she had gone to her chiropractor.  Her chiropractor had asked what she had done to her body.  Her neck was 95% better.  Her chiropractor said “I thought I would need to see you twice/week for six weeks.  Now I may need to see you in three weeks”.  The doctor was as amazed as my client was.  I did not treat her cervical thorax or lumbar spine at all during the first session.  The treatment was directed at hormones and fertility and often the outside of the body are automatically re-adjusted or reflectively responds and the tension resolves as the brain takes responsibility.

The wonderful results speak for themselves and this is why my practice is based on 99% referral.