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Neurolink is a unique system that was founded by Dr. Allan K. Phillips. His research as an Osteopathic Physician has led him to discover a system that works on the premise that the brain recognizes 100% of all the body functions. In order for the body to be well, the brain must be able to control all of the body systems.

How does Neurolink work?

Neurolink uses... + details

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice that involves puncturing the skin with hair-thin needles at particular locations, called acupuncture points. Acupuncture helps reduce pain or bring a body function into balance.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world and falls under Traditional Chinese Medicine. Originating in China more than 2,... + details

Get Help for Infertility and Fertility Problems

I often hear infertility comments such as, "My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years and the doctors say there is nothing the matter." Many women, men and couples who have come in to see me about their infertility have gone on to conceive healthy, beautiful babies! I use different healing methods such as Neurolink which... + details

It seems about 15% of our population either young or old has some skin condition that never seems to go away or keeps coming back.  On the average each one of us is carrying a minimum of 1-2 viruses in our system at any time.  Number one complaint with a virus is lack of energy. Examples include cold sores or plantar warts or herpes.

Viruses are a strong antigen and can reside in the... + details

Most people think that you need to have a problem to have an NIS treatment.  Often I work with someone for an initial problem and that gets resolved.  I generally will see them a few times a year.  These treatments allow the brain to stay on board immunologically, chemically, emotionally and neurologically.  I trade treatment routinely with my colleagues so my brain and body can stay strong,... + details

Have you notices how more and more people have food allergies and skin rashes? Peanuts are no longer allowed in classrooms or schools because many children get asthma attacks or histamine reactions with peanuts and other foods.

Allergies also contribute to millions of people who suffer from illnesses such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, asthma and hay fever. Many other people suffer... + details